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Products   -   Purlin Roll Forming Machine   -   100 - 250mm Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine
Z purlin roll forming machine is used to produce Z purlins as per customer requirements. The Z purlin roll forming line mainly consists of decoiler and its base, leveling device, guiding device, servo feeding device, punching device, guardrail roll former, shearing device, runout table, and hydraulic and electric control system.

Z Purling Roll Forming Machine Working Flow
Decoiler → butt welding (optional) → levelling & feeding → hole punching → roll forming → cutting → conveying plate to runout table

Z Purlin Roll Forming Line Main Parameter
Raw material Hot rolled and cold rolled steel
Thickness (mm) 1.0 - 2.5
Power source 380V±10%, 50-60Hz (according to buyer’s request)
Roll forming speed (m/min) 30 (cutting time included)

Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine Component List

No. Item Quantity
1 Decoiler 1 set
2 Butt welding device 1 set
3 Levelling & feeding device 1 set
4 Punching device 1 set
5 Loop device 1 set
6 Guiding device 1 set
7 Roll former 2 sets
8 Moving shear device 1 set
9 Automatic runout table 1 set
10 Hydraulic system 2 sets
11 Electric control system 1 set

Component Description & Parameter

1. Decoiler
(1) Structure
Electric motor drives mandrel to decoil.
4 baffles help prevent the material from fetching away.

(2) Parameter
Maximum capacity: ≤5T
Coil ID: Ø508mm
Coil OD: ≤ Ø1300mm

2. Levelling & feeding device
(1) It is designed with 7 rollers, which consist of 2 feeding rollers and 5 levelling rollers.
(2) Driven by motor, this device feeds sheets to the punching device.
(3) Electric motor power: about 4.4kW.
(4) Up and down movement of rolls is adjusted through lead screw.
(5) Feeding precision: ±2mm.

3. Punching device
(1) Two punching units are designed for punching two kinds of holes.
(2) Modular punching moulds for easy adjust, change and repair.
(3) This multi-station punching device enjoys fast punching speed and low noise. It is also designed with cooler for heat dissipation, ensuring its long working time.

4. Loop device
(1) It adopts optoelectronic switch to control the remaining material.
(2) The loop device works at the same speed with levelling device, punching device and roll former.
(3) Chrome-plated surface of roller.

5. Roll former
(1) Structure
a. Separate roller station with gearbox transmission.
b. Number of roller stations: about 13.
c. Shaft diameter: Ø80mm.
d. Two bearings are fixed at two ends of shaft, with the transmission end designed with a pair of conical bearings, and the movable end equipped with cylinder roller bearing.
e. Lower shaft is driven by reduction box. Lower and upper shafts adopt synchromesh gear.
f. Material of roller station material: QT470.
g. Shaft material: 40Cr with thermal refining treatment.
h. Roll former motor power: about 30kW.

(2) Roller mold
a. Roller material: Cr12 with polished finish. After quenching treatment, the hardness reaches HRC58 - 62.
b. Adjust spacers to produce different kinds of Z purlins.

6. Shearing device
a. There is no waste after cutting.
b. Cutting device is fixed on the machine frame, so there is no need to stop the machine when cutting.
c. Cutter material: Cr12MoV, after quenching the hardness is HRC58 - 62.
d. Cutting tolerance: ±2mm.
Note: please change blades to cut different types of Z purlins.

7. Automatic runout table
It consists of conveying table and tilting device. The plate drops on the conveying table after cutting, then it’s conveyed to the end of table. Driven by the air cylinder, the tilting device will put the plates into basket. Two baskets are designed. In case one basket is full, the plates will be put into the other basket.

8. Hydraulic system
a. It consists of motor oil pump, valve (ATOS magnetic valve), pressure gauge, filter, and so on.
b. It supplies power to decoiler, punching device, cutting device.
c. No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil.
d. Filter is designed to ensure the oil cleanness reaches grade 6 - 8.

9. Electric control system
a. Mitsubishi PLC.
b. Language of PLC system: English.
c. Omron encoder.

Safety Precautions & Transportation
1. Moving elements are covered with shield, and painted with caution marks.
2. Before loading container, each part should be coated with antirust oil (except that the surface is covered with paint).

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