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100-300mm C purlin roll forming line includes: hydraulic expansion decoiler, levelling device, roll forming system, punching device, cutting device, hydraulic station, electric control system and runout table. 100-300mm C purlin forming machine adopts PLC control and speed adjust technology to realize continuous production with high efficiency.

100-300mm C Purlin Forming Machine Technical Parameter
Material Galvanized steel sheet or cold rolled steel
Yield strength (MPa) 230-300
Thickness (mm) 1.6-3.0
Forming speed (m/min) 12
Control system PLC
Power source 380V/3 phase/50HZ
Applicable range 100-300mm C purlins

Material of 100-300mm C Purlin Forming Machine
1. Roller: bare steel with heat treatment to ensure the hardness of roller reach HRC60.
2. Active shaft: high grade No.45 carbon steel to improve the integrated mechanical performance of the shaft.
3. Electric elements: PLC control panel, with the transducer imported from Mitsubishi. Other elements are purchased from famous suppliers in China
4. Cutter blade: Cr12 tool steel with quenching treatment.

Working Flow
Decoiling → levelling → punching → measuring length and cutting the sheet → roll forming → conveying to the runout table

100-300 C Purlin Forming Machine Components
1. Cantilever hydraulic expansion decoiler
This cantilever decoiler mainly consists of frame, cantilever hydraulic axis, transmission system, hydraulic system and PLC control system.
2. Coil feeding device
This feeding device is used to ensure the sheet placed at the right place. The steel sheet is manually fed to the levelling device.
3. Levelling device
The levelling device consists of 3 upper rollers and 4 lower rollers. It is designed to make the steel strip move into the cutting device flatly and straightly.

4. Punching system
(1) It consists of punching frame and hole mould.
(2) There are 2 sets of punching devices.
(3) Hydraulic punching system.
(4) The hydraulic station provides power for the punching system.

5. Pre-cutting device
The length can be set by the buyer through the control panel. When reaching the set length, the machine will cut the panel automatically. The cutting operation is driven by the power of hydraulic station, ensuring the precision of cutting.

6. Roll forming system
(1) Rollers: bare steel with heat treatment to ensure the hardness of roller reach HRC60.
(2) Roller axis: high grade No. 45 carbon steel to improve the integrated mechanical performance of the shaft.
(3) Specification adjustment: different purlins can be rolled by changing the space of rollers.
(4) Thickness adjustment: the lower rollers are fixed. To adjust the position of upper rollers, change the space of rollers manually by screw. This also applies to sheets with different thicknesses.

7. Electric system
Two motors are used to supply power to meet the power requirements of this C purlin roll forming line.

8. Hydraulic station
It supplies power to the cutting device. When it’s not cutting, the station will automatically shutoff to save power.

9. PLC control panel
(1) The electric control system of this machine consists of five parts: operating system, screen, PLC, transducer and electrical parts.
(2) The control system is imported from Mitsubishi.
(3) The system uses modular design and has reasonable and canonical wiring arrangement for easy operation and maintenance.
(4) The independent operating console facilitates the dialogue between the operator and the machine.
(5) Manual or automatic operation mode is available, bringing ease of operation.

10. Runout table
It supports the finished panels. Generally, it can support 2 pieces of 20000mm panels.

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