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This roof tile roll forming machine has integrated mechanical, electric and hydraulic functions. Our roof tile roll forming equipment consists of decoiler, guiding device, roll former, punching system, post-cutting system, electrical control system and hydraulic system, etc.

Roof Tile Roll Forming Machine Technical Parameter
Item Parameter Remark
Material Type Color steel
Thickness (mm) 0.4-0.6 Testing on 0.5mm
Yield strength (MPa) 235-345
Coil (mm) 1220
Forming speed (m/min) About 5 Depend on actual design
Forming main motor power (kW) 2 × 3 Depend on actual design
Hydraulic station power (kW) 5.5 Depend on actual design
Pre-cutting machine motor (kW) 0.55 Depend on actual design
Decoiler motor (kW) 2.2 Depend on actual design
Hydraulic station electric motor (kW) 3 Depend on actual design
Total power (kW) 17.25 Depend on actual design
Power source AC415V, 50Hz, 3 phase
Dimensions (L × W × H) (m) 24 × 3 × 2 Depend on actual design

Roof Tile Roll Forming Equipment Working Flow
Decoiling → feeding → roll forming→ punching→ cutting to length → conveying the final products to the runout table

Component Details

1. Cantilever decoiler

2. Pre-cutting equipment
1) It consists of cutter and reducing motor.
2) It is used to save materials when customer changes the plate.

3. Guiding device
1) It is designed with left and right guiding equipment. When the roof tile roll forming machine is working, the steel plate will be guided into the roll former through left and right guiding equipment, placing the plate in the right position of roll former.
2) Guiding position can be adjusted through manual screw, and left and right guiding equipment can be adjusted separately.

4. Roll forming system
1) Forming main motor power: about 6kW.
2) Roll forming system consists of machine frame, transmission parts, cold forming rollers, and so on.
3) Rollers are made of 45# steel, and they are forged, precisely processed by CNC and polished after chrome plating.
4) Roller shafts are made of thermal refining 45 steel.
5) Speed reducer and chain transmission drives the rotation of lower rollers. Some of the upper and lower rollers are driven by gear transmission.
6) Manually adjust the screw bar to adjust the distance between upper and lower rollers for sheets with different thicknesses.

5. Punching system
Punching system is composed of machine frame and punching die.
1) Punching die is made of 45# steel, and its surface is polished after nitrogen treatment.
2) Hydraulic punching system is stable, and it can avoid damages to the panel when punching.

6. Post-cutting system
Cutting system is composed of cutting frame, cutting die, guiding equipment, cutting cylinder, and so on.
1) Cutting frame is designed with welding frame for enhanced rigidity.
2) The shape of cutting die is the same with the plate profile section, decreasing the deformation of cutting section.
3) Cutter material: Cr12 with quenching treatment.
4) The power of cutting is supplied by hydraulic station.

7. Runout table
It is used to support the finished products. It was composed of two supporters which width finished panel and length is 2 meters. The output height can be adjusted by a screw at the bottom.

8. Electric control system
1) PLC control and frequency speed adjustment help realize automatic production.
2) Human and machine interface facilitates the setting of plate length, quantity, etc.
3) Operation mode: input screen and buttons.
4) Encoder is designed to calculate and measure the length of panels.
5) Mitsubishi PLC control.

9. Hydraulic system
Main valves: well-known Chinese brand.

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