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This cassette type C Purlin roll forming machine is designed for continuously rolling and cold forming steel sheets. 178mm C purlin roll former adopts steel sheet as the raw material, decoiling, continuously rolling and cold-forming, then automatically cutting the sheet to specified size and conveying the finished panel to the runout table.

C Purlin Roll Forming Machine Technical Parameter
Item Parameter Remark
Material Type Galvanized sheet
Thickness (mm) 3
Yield strength (MPa) 230-300
Forming speed (m/min) 4 - 6 According to actual design
Roller material GCr15 Nitriding treatment
Power source Type 380V/3PH/50HZ
Main motor power (kW) About 8 According to actual design
Total power (kW) About 33 According to actual design
Machine dimensions See the layout

C Purlin Roll Forming Machine Components
Item Quantity Description
5T cantilever decoiler and levelling machine 1 set Cantilever decoiler. Levelling machine: motor power: 4kW; speed: 10-40m/min.
Main Machine Servo feeding and punching machine 1 set 1. Roller material: GCr15. 2. Inner support structure of roller: guiding column. 3. Back/forward movement of roller is driven by chain, and part of the upward/downward movement is driven by gear. 4. Cutting blade material: Cr12, with quenching treatment.
Guiding device 1set
Roll forming system 1 set
Post-cutting device 1 set
Base frame 1 set
Runout table 1 set Support the finished panels manually
Hydraulic system 1 set Hydraulic station.
Electric control system 1 set PLC control Operation mode: touch screen and buttons Speed adjusting: AC frequency conversion.

Component Details
1. 5T cantilever decoiler
Max. loading capacity (ton) 5
Max. material (mm) 373
Coil ID (mm) Φ508 / Φ610
Coil OD (mm) φ1350

2. Levelling device
(1) Drive roller and levelling roller are designed.
(2) Rollers can be adjusted to change the space and declining angle.

3. Serve motor feeding device
(1) It feeds materials driven by the servo motor.
(2) All the electric components and measuring device are imported from abroad.

4. Punching device
It punches holes with high precision.

5. Guiding device
The guiding device uses guiding bar and sliding block to control the width and position of the steel sheet. The sheet is guided to the right position and moves to the roll forming equipment.

6. Roll forming system
Rollers of this roll forming system are surface-chrome plated after being machined by precise machine tool.

7. Post-cutting device
a. Cutting blade material: Cr12, quenching treated.
b. Welded frame for excellent rigidity.
c. The power of cutting is supplied by the hydraulic station.

8. Runout table
This runout table is used for supporting the finished panels manually.

9. Electric control system
a. PLC control and frequency speed adjustment help realize automatic production.
b. Human and machine interface facilitates the setting of plate length, quantity, etc.
c. Operation mode: touch screen and buttons.
d. Encode calculation for calculating and measuring the length.
e. Mitsubishi frequency drive.

10. Hydraulic system
a. Separated hydraulic stations are designed.
b. Main valve: well-known Chinese brand.

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