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This floor deck forming equipment is specially designed for continuously rolling and cold-forming steel sheets. Our floor deck forming machines uses coiling steel sheet as the raw material, decoiling, continuously rolling and cold-forming, automatically cutting the sheet to specified size, and stacking the finished panel automatically. The floor deck forming equipment adopts PLC control and speed adjustment technology to realize continuous automatic production. Our floor deck forming machine is a truly energy-saving and highly-effective production equipment for steel structure.

Technical Parameter
Item Parameter Remark
Material Type Galvanized sheet
Thickness (mm) 0.8-1.0
Yield strength (MPa) 230-300
(mm) 1250
Weight of coil (t) 5
OD (mm) Φ1350mm
ID (mm) Φ508 / Φ610
Material of roller No. 45 steel, chrome plated
Forming speed (m/min) 20 Cutting time excluded
Power source AC380V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase According to actual design
Total power (kW) About 31 According to actual design
Dimensions (L × W × H) (m) See layout According to actual design
Working process
Decoiling → guiding → roll forming → post cutting → conveying the finished panels to the runout table

Item Technical Description
Decoiler System Cantilever decoiler Hydraulic expansion cantilever decoiler.
Main Forming System Guiding device 1. Material of roller: No. 45 steel with hard chrome plated surface. 2. Inner support structure of roller: guide column. 3. Back/forward movement of roller is driven by chain, and part of the upward/downward movement is driven by gear. 4. Material of cutting blade: Cr12, quenching treated.
Roll forming system
Post-cutting device
Output System Runout table For supporting the finished panels.
Hydraulic System Hydraulic station.
Electric Control System 1. PLC Control. 2. Operation mode: buttons. 3. Speed adjusting: AC frequency conversion.

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