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This Z purlin roll forming machine makes hot/cold steel strips into Z purlins by processes of roll forming, punching and cutting. Our Z purlin roll former can make panels of different sizes by exchanging the spacer between rollers.

Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine Technical Parameter
Item Parameter
Material Steel sheet
Thickness (mm) 2.0-3.0 / 2.0-2.5
Yield strength (MPa) ≤ 235 / ≤ 345
Forming speed (m/min) About 10-15 (punching and cutting time excluded)
Forming system motor power (kW) 22 (as per final design)
Hydraulic station power (kW) 5.5
Power source 380V/3PH/50HZ
Total power (kW) About 27.5 (according to actual design)
Machine dimensions (m) 23 × 1.5 × 1.5

Z Purlin Roll Former Components
No. Name Quantity Remarks
1 Decoiler 1 set
2 Guiding device 1 set
3 Levelling device 1 set
4 Punching device 1 set (2 groups) 1 group with 2 holes, 1 group with 1 hole
5 Cutting device 1 set
6 Roll forming system 1 set Driven by motor
7 Runout table 1 set
8 Hydraulic system 1 set
9 Electric control system 1 set

Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine Working Flow
Decoiling → guiding & feeding → levelling → punching → cutting → roll forming → conveying to runout table

Z Purlin Roll Former Component Details

1. Cantilever decoiler
a. Parameter
Type of decoiler Passive decoiler
Max. Loading capacity (t) ≤ 5
Material (mm) 1000-1250
Coil OD (mm) < Φ 1300
Coil ID (mm) Φ508
Max. (mm) 500
Dimensions (m) 1.5 × 1.1 × 1.2

b. Main structure and features
(1) It is cantilever type decoiler with manual operation.
(2) The frame is welded entirely by steel with shot blasting treatment.
(3) The electric control system and hydraulic station are designed inside the decoiler.

2. Guiding device
a. Left and right guiding bars are designed. The steel coils are fed to next device by the guiding bars and kept at correct positions.
b. The guiding bars can be adjusted manually by screws, and the left/right bar can be adjusted separately.

3. Levelling device
a. The leveling device consists of conveying rollers and 7 levelling rollers.
b. The steel sheet is fed into levelling rollers by conveying rollers to make them flat.
c. According to different thicknesses, the roller spacer can be adjusted manually for high-precision levelling.

4. Pre-punching device
a. 2 units of punching dies required. Material of punching die: Cr12, with quenching treatment.
b. It is welded by steel frame for enhanced rigidity.
c. The power of punching is supplied by hydraulic station.

5. Pre-cutting device
a. It consists of cutting frame, cutting die, guiding device and hydrocylinder.
b. The frame is welded for enhanced rigidity.
c. There is no waste after cutting.
d. Cutting blade material: Cr12, with quenching treatment.
e. The power of cutting is supplied by hydraulic station.

6. Roll forming system
Roll forming system consist of machine frame, transmission parts and roll forming rollers, etc.
a. Machine frame: welding structure with blasting treatment
b. The roller is made of high quality GC12 steel with forge and quenching treatment
c. The roller shaft is made of No. 45 steel with thermal treatment.
d. Back/forward movement of roller is driven by chain, and part of the upward/downward movement is driven by gear.
e. Users can adjust the screw bar manually to adjust the space between upper/lower rollers, in order to make sheets of different thicknesses.

7. Runout table
a. It is used to support the finished panels and stack the panels together after cutting.
b. The frame is welded by square pipes.

8. Electric control system
a. PLC control technology and speed adjusting technology to realize automatic production.
b. This system provides human-machine screen to facilitate the setting of plate length, quantity, etc.
c. Operation mode: touch screen and buttons.
d. Encoder has the function of calculating and measuring the length.
e. Mitsubishi PLC.

9. Hydraulic system
a. Separated hydraulic stations are designed to supply power for cutting device.
b. Main valve are purchased from well-known Chinese brand.

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