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Working Flow
Decoiling → guiding → roll forming → straightening → cutting → conveying finished plates to the runout table

Components List
No. Item Quantity
1 Decoiler 1 set
2 Guiding device 1 set
3 Roll former 1 set
4 Straightener 1 set
5 Hydraulic cutter 1 set
6 Runout table 1 set
7 Hydraulic system 1 set
8 Electric control system 1 set

Technical Parameter
Raw material Galvanized sheet
Thickness (mm) 0.85 - 1.6
Yield strength (MPa) 235
Power source 380V, 50Hz, 3Phase
Forming speed (m/min) 30 (cutting time excluded)
Max. capacity (ton) 2
Coil ID (mm) 200
Coil OD (mm) 508

Component Details
1. Decoiler
Unpowered hydraulic expansion decoiler.
The decoiler is designed with 4 baffles to prevent the material from fetching away.

2. Roll former
(1) Structure
a. Separate roller station with gearbox transmission.
b. Number of roller stations: about 12.
c. Shaft diameter: Ø60mm.
d. Two bearings are fixed at two ends of shaft, with the transmission end designed with a pair of conical bearings, and the movable end equipped with cylinder roller bearing.
e. Lower shaft is driven by reduction box. Lower and upper shafts adopt synchromesh gear.
f. Material of roller station material: QT270.
g. Shaft material: 40Cr with thermal refining treatment.
h. Roll former motor power: about 7.5kW.

(2) Roller mold
a. Roller material: Cr12 with polished finish. After quenching treatment, the hardness reaches HRC58 - 62.
b. Adjust spacers to produce different kinds of C purlins.

3. Cutting machine
a. There is no waste after cutting.
b. Cutting device is fixed on the machine frame, so there is no need to stop the machine when cutting.
c. Cutter material: Cr12MoV, after quenching the hardness is HRC58 - 62.
d. Cutting tolerance: ±1.5mm.

4. Runout table
a. Total length: 6 meters.
b. It consists of support table and rolls.
c. The runout table is driven by the air cylinder.

5. Hydraulic system
a. It consists of motor oil pump, valve, pressure gauge, filter, etc.
b. It supplies power to cutting machine.
c. Filter is designed to ensure the oil cleanness reaches grade 6 - 8.

6. Electric control system
a. Mitsubishi PLC.
b. Language of PLC system: English.
c. Omron encoder.

Safety Precautions & Transportation
1. Moving parts are covered with shield, and painted with caution marks.
2. Machine Frame has been annealing treated.
3. Before loading container, each part should be coated with antirust oil (except that the surface is covered with paint).

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