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Cut-to-length line is used to cut the coil steel to required length, and then stack the panels together.
Cut-to-length Line Technical Parameter
Material Cold-rolled, galvanized, pre-painted and aluminum, etc.
Thickness As per customer requirements
Coil (mm) 910 - 1220
Steel Coil ID (mm) Ф508 / Ф610
Steel Coil OD (mm) ≤ Ф1400
Coil Weight (ton) ≤ 10
Finished Product
Cut to Length (mm) 500 - 6000
Tolerance after Cutting to Length ≤ ±1/3000
Tolerance of Catercorner ≤ ±1.5/3000
Stacking Weight (kg) 5000
Max. (mm) 500
Leveling Speed (m/min) ≤ 60 m/min
Power Supply 220V/50HZ 3-phase 5-wire system
Power (kW) 50
Driving Motor (kW) AC5.5
Decoiler Motor (kW) AC22
Dimensions (L × W) (m) 18 × 7
Operators 2, with at least 1 skilled operator
Color Customizable
Cut-to-length Line Components
Item Quantity
Coil car (include installation base) 1 set
Hydraulic decoiler 1 set
Coil head straightening equipment 1 set
Guiding device 1 set
Squeeze roller and fifteen-roller leveler 1 set
Scale and measuring device 1 set
Shearing device 1 set
Stacking platform 1 set
Hydraulic, pneumatic & lubrication system 1 set
Electric system 1 set
Cut-to-length Line Working Flow
Feeding → decoiling → guiding → leveling → cutting to length→ measuring → stacking
Component Description and Parameter
1. Coil car
a. With the function of horizontal moving, it’s convenient for lifting the coil to the mandrel of decoiler.
b. Hydraulic elevation stroke: 400mm.
2. Hydraulic decoiler
a. Cantilever type decoiler.
b. Max. coil width: 1220mm.
c. Max. weight: 10ton.
3. Coil head straightening equipment
a. It consists of hydraulic cylinder, unwinding rubber roller, shoveling plate, straightening roller, reducer, etc.
b. The hydraulic cylinder controls the movement of unwinding rubber roller and shoveling plate. The rubber roller, driven by AC2.2kW reducer, takes the steel sheet to the levelling device.
c. Straightening roller, driven by the hydraulic cylinder, pre-bends the plate.
4. Coil guiding device
a. The vertical rolls on two sides guide the metal strip into the slitting machine in the right direction.
b. Width adjusting range: 300-1220 mm.
5. Squeeze roller and fifteen-roller leveler
a. The leveler consists of 2 squeeze rollers, 15 leveling rollers, 4 support rollers, the driving system, and upper and lower frames.
b. The movable beam, sliding blocks and other major parts and the whole structure are designed to ensure maximized rigidity and precision.
c. Material of squeeze roller: No. 45 steel (tempering, precision grinding and heat treatment is carried out).
6. Frame
a. Q235 carbon steel.
b. Tempering treatment after welding ensures the rigidity and stability of the whole frame.
7. Rollers
Support roller is designed with steel wedge to adjust the gap between levelling roller and support roller. After adjustment, the roller should be fixed with nut.
8. Pressing device
a. Pressing device is mounted on the frame and movable beam. It is driven by 0.55kW AC motor and reducer to make the movable beams and upper levelling rollers move up and down.
b. Movable beam consists of movable beam, sliding block and accessories. Sliding blocks are fixed on both sides of the beam.
c. 4 compression springs are designed to balance the whole beam to ensure the levelling precision and quality.
9. Main transmission system
The main transmission system consists of 22kW AC motor, reducer and distribution gearbox.
10. Manual dry oil lubrication system
The lubrication system uses a manual dry oil lubricating pump.
11. Scale and measuring device
a. The scale and measuring device are used to measure the sheet length after levelling.
b. The measuring wheel is pressed by cylinder to make sure it appressed to the steel plate. There is a roller under the plate to make sure the plate won’t deform with the pressure of measuring wheel.
c. The measuring wheel rotates along with steel plate, and the encoder can read the results of measurement and send signals to PLC, which will send cutting signal to the shearing device.
12. Shearing device
a. Hydraulic guillotine shearing device is used to cut steel to required length.
b. Hydraulic cylinders drive the upper blade, which is designed with beam press to prevent shear deformation.
12. Stacking platform
It is used to collect the steel after shearing. It needs manual operation.
13. Hydraulic system
a. One hydraulic station with 12MPa working pressure.
b. Famous brand electromagnetic valve.
c. The hydraulic station is designed with cooling system.
14. Pneumatic system
It is composed of electromagnetic valve loop control, moisture separator, oil mist lubrication system and pressure adjustment device.
15. Lubricating system
All the devices of the cut-to-length line are equipped with centralized automatic lubrication system.
16. Electric system
a. The system includes electric cabinet, major and minor operating tables.
b. IP41 protection level.
c. The main operating table with touch screen can control the whole line. All the data can be input and corrected through the touch screen.
d. Failure alarm and emergency stop button are designed.
Foundation Engineering
1. We will provide the basic layout of the cut-to-length line within 60 days after signing the contact.
2. We are responsible for the construction and supervision of the line.
3. The basic hole of the line is reserved for machine foundation.
4. The second grouting of basic hole after installing the cut-to-length line will be carried out by the customer. We will supply the bolt.
Power supply, Air Compressor and Oil
1. Customer is responsible for introducing the electronic power source (3-phase 5-wire system) into the electronic control cabinet.
2. Customer needs to prepare one air compressor.
3. Gear oil, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, as well as test material and common tools will be supplied by customer.

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