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Deck Roll Forming Machine is the special roll forming machine for steel sheet cold-form industries. It can continuous form the steel sheet according to customer’s requirement, automatically cut to length. This equipment has many advantages, just like high forming speed, low noise, stable transmission, easy operation, good look and so on.

Technical Parameters for Deck Roll Forming Machine <
NO Item Para Memo
1 Suitable material Type galvanized steel,
colored steel
Thickness (mm) 0.75-1.25
Yield Strength (Mpa) 230
O.D. <φ1300mm
I.D. φ508mm/φ610mm
Width (mm) 1220
2 Forming Speed (m/min) About 15 Not including cutting time
3 Roller quantity About 30 stands Depend on actual design
4 Forming main motor power(KW) 5.5kw*3 Depend on actual design
5 Main hydraulic station power(KW) 5.5 Depend on actual design
6 Decoiler motor power (KW) 5.5 Depend on actual design
7 Decoiler hydraulic station power (KW) 3 Depend on actual design
8 Total power 30.5 Depend on actual design
9 Power AC440V,60Hz,3 Phase
10 Dimension (L×W×H, m) 27×3×2 Depend on actual design

Working Process for Deck Roll Forming Machine
Decoiling →Guided feeding→Roll forming→Cutting to length →finished panel stacking

Components Parts of the Deck Roll Forming Machine deck-roll-forming-machine

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