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Product   -   Purlin Roll Forming Machine
  • CZ Purline Roll Forming Machine

    The CZ Purline roll forming Machinehas advantage of automatic fixed-length cutting automatic punching. Besides, its installation is convenient having high level automation.

  • Full-auto C/Z Purlin Forming Machine

    Full-auto C/Z Purlin Forming Machine consists of Mitsubishi inverter, PLC and touch screen, programmable controller via RS422 interface and communication. The various components together organically, constitute a complete control system. Has a simple structure, beautiful interface, reliable performance, easy operation. The system uses FX2N series PLC to control the operation of the equipment, the use of incremental encoder fixed length. Manually and automatically controlled. Mainly low-voltage electrical vitality of international famous brand of Schneider Electric. Overall appearance, high production efficiency.

The purlin roll forming machine includes: hydraulic expansion Uncoiler, leveling equipment, roll forming system, punching equipment, cutting equipment, hydraulic station, electric controlling system and supporter for purlin. DELIVERY: The machines will be ready within 60 days (excluding 20 days Chinese Spring Festival holiday) from receipt of the deposit as well as approval of sales contract, technical specification and profile drawing. The shipment will be made within 10 days after the seller receives the balance.

30% of the contract price is to be paid by T/T in advance; the balance is to be paid to seller by T/T before the shipment. Installation charge is to be paid before installation by T/T.

Whole machine has ONE YEAR WARRANTY.