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Product   -   Guardrail Forming Machine
  • Waves Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

    2&3 Waves Guard Rail Roll Forming Line can produce 2 waves guardrail and 3 waves in one machine as customer required. It cans continuous form the steel sheet according to customer’s requirement, automatically cut to length, PLC controlled, alternating Current Frequency Conversion. Roll Former: (Cassette Type).

  • Speedway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

    This is a Non-stop punching with high efficiency guardrail roll forming machine. It can be used in a variety of guardrail, such as guardrail, highway guardrail, fence and other livestock farms. The equipment is mainly composed of decoiler, punching unit, roll former, cutting device, product table, and control cabinet, etc.

1. The steel sheet is passing through the rollers, and then has fine shape with meeting the required length.
2. The characteristics of guardrail are good appearance, high coverage, high strength, and high automation, low cost and long lifetime. Besides, the panels are widely used in civil construction and high speed road.
3. The road guardrail forming machine mainly consists of decoiler, feeder, main roll former, cutting equipment, hydraulic station, PLC control system, final products rack. We also design the machine in accordance with customer's request.

Normal road guardrail forming line - 90 days.
Special road guardrail forming line - 120 days.
High speed road guardrail forming line - within 140 days.
Line guarantee time: 1 year (after the installation time in buyers' factory).

Payment item
30% contract price as down payment, the other 70% contract price will be paid before shipping date.
Contract currency: USD, EUR, GBP.
Trade term: FOB, CFR, CIF.

Sample Reference
With above reference profiles, we can manufacture others standards road guardrail forming machine, which are according to customers' requirements.
Without the guardrail plate forming line, we also manufacture guardrail beam, which is used to, fixed guardrail plate. The normal profile model is U, C and M, etc. We are professional manufacturer and supplier of road guardrail forming machine in China. We possess 15 years' experience of roll forming machine production, selling, and service. Our products have been exported to Middle East, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, and more. We can also make it according to customer requirements for design, processing, production, and offer OEM services. Our products boast a stable quality and reasonable price. If you need guardrail plate forming line, we will provide a competitive price for you. Don't hesitate, please contact us.