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Our steel coil slitting line can decoil, slit and recoil steel coils as per standards.

Steel Coil Slitting Line Technical Parameter
Raw material Cold-rolled and hot-rolled carbon steel coils
Raw material yield strength (MPa) σs≤300Mpa σb≤550Mpa
Raw material thickness According to the customer requirements
Coil (mm) 500 - 1500
Coil ID (mm) Φ508+10 / -40; Φ610+10 / -40; Φ762+10 / -40
Coil OD (mm) Φ1000 - 1800
Coil loading capacity (t) ≤ 20
Slitting speed (m/min) ≤120
Slitting mode Dynamic shear
Power source 380V/50HZ 3-phase 5-wire system
Total power (kW) 180
Drive motor Five-roll levelling machine 15kW AC adjustable speed motor
Slitting machine 55kW DC adjustable speed motor
Recoiling machine 75kW DC adjustable speed motor
Number of operators 1 technical worker, and 2 general workers

Metal Coil Slitting Line Component List
Component Quantity
Coil car 1 set
Hydraulic decoiler 1 set
Coil head straightening equipment 1 set
Leveling equipment 1 set
Shearing equipment 1 set
Loop device 1 set
Guiding equipment 1 set
Slitting machine 1 set
Slitter edge winding machine 2 sets
Recoiling machine 1 set
Hydraulic and lubricating system 1 set
Electrical system 1 set

Steel Coil Slitting Line Working Process
Loading → decoiling → leveling → shearing → looping → guiding → slitting → looping → recoiling → conveying to the runout table
Metal Coil Slitting Line Component Details

1. Coil car
1) AC2.2kW motor drives the horizontal movement.
2) Max. capacity: 20T.

2. Decoiler
1) Cantilever type double-shaft decoiler.
2) Max. coil width: 1500mm.
3) Max. capacity: 20T.

3. Coil head straightening equipment
Driven by hydraulic cylinder, this straightening equipment can pre-bend the plate straight.

4. Five-roller leveler
1) This leveler levels and feeds steel into the slitting machine.
2) The pinch roller is controlled by hydraulic cylinder.

5. Shearing equipment
The upper shearing blades, installed with an angle of 2°, are driven by hydraulic cylinders.

6. Looping device
Loop is designed to control the speed adjusting of steel strips.

7. Guiding equipment
The vertical drums on two sides guide the metal strip into the slitting machine rightly.

8. Slitting machine
1) It’s convenient to change shearing blades as the guiding column can be moved out driven by hydraulic cylinder.
2) Shaft of the slitting machine is made of No. 45 steel. After quenching treatment, the hardness of the steel reaches HRC 52 - 57.
3) Shaft diameter: Φ220mm; effective length 1600mm.
4) Blade material: SKD11, HRC 58 - 61.
Note: blades and spacers are not included. Buyers need to buy them separately.

9. Slitter edge winding machine
It’s used for recoiling the slitter edge.

10. Hydraulic system
The hydraulic station is equipped with wind cooling system.

11. Pneumatic system
The pneumatic system consists of electromagnetic valve loop control, moisture separator, oil mist lubrication system and pressure adjustment system.

12. Electric system
1) The electric system consists of electric cabinet and operation tables.
2) Protective level: IP41.

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